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Classy Parent Class

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How to add a class to the parent HTML container of ClassyPress.

By using the Classy Parent class feature we can: 

  • design each campaign element with a different look on the same page
  • update the plugin and maintain your customized styles per-campaign

How it works:

When logged into your ClassyPress dashboard, you’ll see a new “Campaign Parent Class” option. In this field, you can enter an alpha-numeric custom CSS class. This class must:

  • Start with a letter
  • No special characters (only include letters, numbers, underscores & hyphens)
  • No spaces (underscores “_” and hyphens “-” only)
  • Something like: mynewcampaign or classypress-custom-container-for-2017-campaign

Once you put the class name in the text field and select ‘update’ or ‘publish’, the class will be assigned with the campaign. For example, I have added a new class called “mynewcampaign” and you can see how this class is added in the campaign’s HTML.

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Last updated on May 15, 2017

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