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Custom CSS: Get the look of One Days Wages

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This article will explain how to edit the custom CSS which was added when you imported a demo.

  • Once you import a demo, a snippet of CSS will be added to the plugins Custom CSS section. This is located in General Settings >> Advanced >> Custom CSS.

Let’s say you have a donation form and you want to remove the “Monthly” or “Recurring” giving option. To do so, you’ll want to add some simple CSS to your Advanced Settings of the ClassyPress Pro plugin.

Developer’s Note: This currently only works with the SHORT donation form, with only the Once/Monthly buttons. For longer forms that include email, address and other fields— the CSS will need to be modified

1.) Login to WordPress

2.) Go to the Advanced CSS tab: WordPress Dashboard => ClassyPress Pro => General Settings => Advanced Tab

3.) Add the following CSS to hide the Monthly Donation Button:

.classy-donation-form.short .recurring-label_short_donation_form {display:none!important;}

4.) Add the following CSS to make the Once/One-Time Donation Button full-width:

.classy-donation-form.short .once-label_short_donation_form{width:100%!important;}

5.) Click save changes


  • If the above CSS does not work, make sure you’re form is set to “SHORT” (instead of long)
  • If you continue to have issues, please email us at and make sure to include your purchase date and order number.

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