• Q: Is there a way to confirm the plugin is correctly talking to the Classy API?
    • Q: If I make new campaigns will that reflect on the website
      • A: Not exactly. Every ClassyPress campaign must relate to a Classy campaign, but not the other way around. For example, you could have one donation form on Classy, and create 50 different donation forms on your website using ClassyPress. All transactions would be processed through the same Classy donation form on Classy’s server, but you could experiment with different donation levels, form fields, questions, designs, etc in ClassyPress on your own website. Your ClassyPress campaigns are directly tied to your Classy campaigns. So in order for your ClassyPress plugin to pull in data, you must have the campaign created in your Classy dashboard. If you don’t have any campaigns created, then the only thing that will show up in your dropdown menu is “general donations” or something similar. (See image #3C here)
    • Q: How can I tie into an existing campaign?
      • A: Everything in ClassyPress is already tied to a campaign, this is how the plugin works. Once your credentials are entered correctly, you will be able to add anything from your Classy account into your WordPress website. Think of ClassyPress as the middleman, the integration piece, the “hub”. ClassyPress allows you to pull in your donation forms, progress bars, leaderboards, top fundraisers, donation total amounts, etc by adding a simple shortcode to your website and not having to update anything ever again. It’s that easy.

Retrieving your API Credentials: 

Adding a new campaign: 

  • Q: How do I add a new campaign?
    • A: Coming soon!

Updating ClassyPress Pro: 

  • Q: Will the plugin auto-update? Or do I need to update the plugin manually?
    • A: ClassyPress Pro must be updated manually at this time. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to update ClassyPress Pro to the newest version, here. 

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Last updated on April 12, 2018

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