If you’re currently paying for a plan on Pantheon for your Nonprofit WordPress website and you would like to downgrade to Pantheon’s “Free” Website hosting plan, this article is for you.

Common Use case(s):

  • Your website only needed to exist for a certain campaign and now that it’s over— you want your website to come down.
  • You’re moving your website from Pantheon to another web host, whether it be for internal operational reasons, to save on costs, or just because you want to.
  • You want to stop billing immediately and need to pause the live site.

This short video explains exactly how to do just that.


  • You must be the actual “site owner” in Pantheon to access the billing tab
  • You should always confirm that the domain is successfully pointing to the new host, before you downgrade the plan
  • If you are migrating web hosts, make sure to do a “find and replace” in the source code and database to remove all mentions of “pantheon” in the site. This is because the downgraded Pantheon site will eventually “freeze” and any resources connected to the dev, test, or live Pantheon environments will be eventually inaccessible.

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